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          Electric oven electric wire structure
          [ Release time:2011-7-5  Read:6170Times ]

          Electric oven electric wire structure

          This is a kind of electric oven electric wire structure, the electric wire consists of two or more, two or more electric wire through the line input and placed in the electric plate, the two or more electric wire and then out of the electric plate, After turning to wear into the electric plate, placed in the electric plate through the outlet and output electric plate. Heating wire placed in the electric plate was juxtaposed curvilinearly arranged, thus forming more than four curved lines. The electric wire structure of the electric box oven adopts a special arrangement and arrangement structure to improve the temperature in the furnace of the equipment to make it more uniform and reasonable in structure so as to improve the performance of the equipment and improve the quality of food baking , To improve the appearance of the food after baking.

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