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          Anti-oxidation insulation surface treatment technology
          [ Release time:2011-6-26  Read:5528Times ]

          Anti-oxidation insulation surface treatment technology

          Iron chrome aluminum or tungsten, molybdenum electric alloy wire around the shape, can be used vertically, the surface anti-oxidation self-diffusion treatment. The surface has good insulation and oxidation resistance, almost no oxidation at rated power temperature, no nickel-chromium oxide contamination.

          The service life of this product is several times higher than ordinary electric heating wire, its main performance is as follows:

          1) surface insulation anti-oxidation layer thickness: 3-12 microns

          2) Insulation resistance: multimeter detection limitless

          3) Insulation single layer withstand voltage greater than 50V AC without breakdown

          4) the use of voltage: 6-380V

          5) thermal shock performance: can withstand thermal shock 500-6000 times without deformation

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